Maryland Delays Paid Family and Medical Leave Program Again

Maryland has enacted legislation that will delay implementation of a program that will provide job protection and wage-replacement benefits to employees who need time off from work for certain family and medical reasons. The recently enacted Senate Bill 485 delays implementation to July 1st and clarifies other aspects of the law. The bill amends the definition of ...


Maryland Expands Pay Disclosure Law

Maryland has enacted legislation that amends a law that requires employers to disclose wage-range information to applicants. The amended law takes effect October 1, 2024. The amended requirement will apply only to positions that will be physically performed, at least in part, in Maryland. Under the law, the Maryland Department of Labor must develop a ...


Minimum Wage Changes Coming July 1

State & District Minimum Wage Increases Nevada, Oregon, and the District of Columbia, plus many local jurisdictions will increase their minimum wage rates on July 1, 2024. California Healthcare Worker Minimum Wage On May 31, Senate Bill 828 delayed the implementation of California's health care worker minimum wage law by one month. Therefore, on July ...

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