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Outsourcing HR is a cost-effective and time-saving strategy that provides objectivity and accountability for crucial functions within your company. CornerstoneHR works best when retained by companies in transition, merger, start-up – or in a pivotal growth period.

We develop HR best practices relevant to your industry and the way you choose to conduct business. We are experts in determining policies and practices you need in order to reduce exposure, while providing a best foundation from which to grow.

“Always treat your employees exactly as you want them to treat your best customers.”
– Stephen R. Covey

Outsourcing HR is a Cost-Effective Strategy

When CornerstoneHR takes responsibility for a full range of HR functions, less time is spent on administration and managing vendor relationships. We develop strategies and strengthen areas where there are weaknesses, making employee management simpler, safer, and stronger.

CornerstoneHR will serve as your HR trusted advisor, to ensure your foundation is on a healthy path, and to help mitigate the risk of labor law violations by realizing and resolving red flags, and establishing policies, procedures, and safe practices.

By developing a human resources model specific to your needs, CornerstoneHR will ensure that you are supported with a process that aligns with your industry and they way you choose to run your company.

With two-thirds of businesses already outsourcing some aspect of their HR functions, a full capability HR firm will provide stronger oversight of compliance along with employee needs. With a thorough risk management assessment, we identify ineffective or non-existent onboarding strategies, recordkeeping that fails to keep up with data regulations, and circumstances that may face potential financial and legal penalties.

With the professional guidance of CornerstoneHR, we develop company policies, employee handbooks and procedures. We help businesses get prepared for proper and compliant processes for hiring and separation, compensation, and managing the lifecycle of an employee.

As experienced HR professionals, we seamlessly work within a client platform to deliver multiple services through HRIS and/or payroll and are familiar with most existing systems and vendors. Our team is well-versed in benefits administration and are the support for partnering on renewal and open enrollment. We are trained to provide the tools for keeping ahead and staying organized, and compliant. Workforce administration is the foundation to assure that everyone is paid, having policies and rules to follow, and the expectation of working in a safe and healthy workplace environment.

For clients considering a Company Handbook, we provide a thorough HR Audit that becomes the cornerstone of your company’s polices and procedures and assures that your Handbook is comprehensive and informative.

Hiring managers are key to keeping employees engaged and productive. Proper training of managers results in a gain in the confidence they need to onboard a new employee, administer a performance evaluation, handle tough conversations – and work through a separation. Manager training returns real dividends, while reducing the firm’s exposure.

Our training is designed to fit your industry and the way in which you choose to conduct business. It may include new-hire orientation and onboarding, performance reviews, conflict management, basic employment law, and HR best practices.

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