Every Business Deserves a Solid Foundation

In Every Company, Personnel is Regarded as a Significant Asset

HR is about people, and when professionally managed, is a proactive growth strategy. Having the right people onboard, with effective policies and procedures, saves time, exposure to risk and improves performance and profitability.

“In business, the only thing that is more important than the number is the person.”

-Daymond John

Leadership That Promotes Confidence

Sheila M. Smith, CP, PHR is founder and president of CornerstoneHR, LLC, a human resources consulting and outsourced HR services firm located in Maryland.  Sheila is a graduate of Notre Dame of MD University, where she received her BA in Liberal Arts specializing in business management and human services.

Your Trusted Resource Team

CornerstoneHR believes that every company deserves an experienced partner to develop and manage HR best practices. We strive to develop a set of guidelines that make sense for your industry and the way you choose to conduct business. We are experts in determining policies and practices you need to reduce exposure – while providing the best foundation from which to grow.

Outsourced HR is a sound decision – reducing administrative time, keeping current with changing regulations and accountability of policies and procedures.

The HR Herald

“The CornerstoneHR team is an integral part of our day-to-day operations and business strategy. Their dedicated approach to HR with respect to administration, compliance, employee relations, and attention to detail has allowed for a seamless blend with our organization, educating and elevating human resources for the team.”

Brian Gross, Bach To Rock
“CornerstoneHR helped us, at crucial point in our business, with a painless process to create proper HR procedures and documentation.”
Rebecca Teaff, Chief Creative Officer, Redstart Creative
“CornerstoneHR has helped us to grow to more than 100 employees,
making sure we’re on our game, with the right procedures in place.”
Dan McGann, CFO, Wireless Communications & Electronics

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